5 coolest wedding venues to complement your “I do” moment

So, you have finally found your soulmate! Congratulations!

No wonder, you are eagerly waiting to manifest your love before the world with a big fat wedding ceremony. Now, what about the wedding venue? Traditional church weddings are great but if you wish for something different, you have to look beyond the wedding chapels. The post below offers a brief on some of the most exotic wedding venues for a grand memorable wedding.

Sea-view resorts

Nothing is more majestic than saying “I do” amidst the panoramic sight and sound of gushing waves. If both of you hold a special corner for seas, a beach wedding is just the thing for you. And there are various sea-view resorts across the UK that are ideal for seaside wedding ceremonies.  Some of them also house a gazebo so that the couple can exchange the rings outdoors.

Countryside luxury hotels

If you prefer the quaint elegance of countryside over the grandeur of banquet halls in metro cities- go for country-house hotels for your D-day. There is a fine range of countryside hotels in the UK that specialize in luxe celebrations like weddings. Far away from the maddening crowd of the cities, these venues will always amaze you with their tranquil surrounds, classy décor and charming hospitality.

Castle wedding venue

Have you always yearned for a fairytale wedding ever since you read Cinderella? Well, we all pray for a fairytale married life where we will live happily ever after with our true soulmates. So, why not start it with the wedding venue only? And where did the prince & princesses exchanged their vows?

Yes, castles.

Good news is that some of the best castles across the country now host wedding celebrations for couples planning a true extravagant affair.

Barn or farm wedding venues

How about a rustic celebration? If you are looking for a casual boho feel on your wedding instead of the typical grand and gaudy- barn or farm wedding venues will be cool for you. Rustic wedding venues offer this exquisite opportunity to take your vows in the lap of nature, far away from the hustle bustle of the city. Moreover, the lush meadows and ethereal scenic view all around will add a special element to your special Day.

Vineyard wedding venue

Did you two bond over wine? Well, then, it’s only ideal to exchange your rings and take your vows in a vineyard. Many are not aware that some of the finest wine estates of the country are happy to host wedding ceremonies. With the panoramic view of the vineyard at the backdrop, it’s going to be an unforgettable celebration both for the couple and their guests.

Final words:

These special wedding venues are wonderful to make your celebration even more special. But before you book the venue, be careful about your guest list, convenience of both the families and of course budget. You will also need to book these exquisite venues months in advance.

Music band is making mindset for many people

Music band is arranged for office functions, other birthdays and public gathering.  In wedding music band, is linking minds of all relatives and friends. Marriage is special occasion. It happens only one time in life. This is not going to repeat again. In this occasion everything should have to be in grand. That is the reason; everyone is buying costly dresses and inviting people with grand invitation cards, plus presenting a gift for wedding attendees. Same time, visitor of wedding is also offering his gift to couple; therefore, end should have to be nice. This is the reason why, music band is arranged in wedding. Especially, everyone is dancing for all songs sung in wedding. Many people taking video of music concert to enjoy when they are at free time. So there should have to be some relaxation for all wedding arrangers. In general bride’s father is arranging many things for wedding. Similarly bridegroom father is working hard in wedding to end wedding smoothly. At this time all these people are tired for working for wedding arrangements. At the end when music band is performing with instrumental music, or songs based music, is arranged. People are now joyful to hear music and record, same music for future use to listen personally.


Couple is paying more money on marriage for meals and other things; this music band arrangement is only little money when it is compared with spent money already for wedding. Same time music band is requesting to pay hourly based money. After all, two hours going to be concert time on wedding. This makes wedding grand.  Music band is appearing with many artists. All these artists are happy to perform in wedding, in other occasions musicians are not happy, only in wedding performance musicians are happy to perform and take their performance money. In performance, in case, an audience is requesting once more, immediately orchestra is repeating same music for single person. So musicians are playing concert up to all people satisfactions. Even they are ready to play new songs on stage, if band is informed well before, because musicians have to make rehearsals for a new song or new songs.