Money Lender

Perfect Money Lender Would Never Charge High Interest

Generally, a finance person is representing from highly sophisticated and rich family.  He would not be interested to lend money and earn more money. The reason is he is basically rich person and having sufficient money to live his life. All he wants to help the person or a family with his fund. Therefore, he gains good name as, best singapore licensed moneylender. There are also other lenders without license, the reason is license fee his high for him. Same time, rich person is able to pay the license amount every year. He is glad to offer his money as loan to so many people; a borrower names him as the best singapore money lender further.


He is charging only fixed interest rate which is singapore lowest interest rate housing loan or for any other loans. He is glad to invest all his money for the sufferers of the money. At the same time, many people are suffering without fund, all they are going to use for the good purpose, they are not going to spend in lucky draws, only for the family requirements they owe money from lenders. At the same time, by mistake some people are contacting, license free lenders and these persons are charging more interest rate for even small amount, this is un payable by them, every month interest plus principal amount they should have to pay if the borrower is ready to pay interest money alone for a month, the lender is not accepting it, because he is greedy towards money and even he wants to charge compound interest for the very small amount.


A person when he wants, money he should check the lender history, weather the lender has license to lend his money, this is very important aspect before borrowing money from that lender. The normal person who needs emergency cash, he is not checking the background of the lender and suffers a lot to pay the interest and plus principal amount. This is ridicules. This should have to be avoided. There is no wrong in asking lender weather he has license to lend his money, naturally he would answer yes or no. This kind of questions would reduce the illegal lenders and one day they disappear from offering money to the normal and poor person. The lender should not demand principal amount. Only interest money he should demand, because he has rights to demand his interest money, principal amount could be paid latter by any borrower. This is the government condition.