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Tips on Making Sure Your Car is Roadworthy

Whether you are going on a trip or just going to work making sure your car is roadworthy is vital. Some common ways to tell if your car is ready to hit the road is to give it a once over. According to an article, the trick to keeping your car roadworthy is to pick up right away on common problems. What is a common problem today can be a major problem next week. Some of the common problems that can start to develop in your car include: oil leaks, condition of tires, faulty lights, non-secure seats and belts, brake defects, excessive noise and smoke, windshield cracks and chips, and car body flaws. What can you do to ensure that your car remains roadworthy? Before you attempt any repair of your own, you should always seek out the advice of a certified auto mechanic. Afterwards, there are simple items that you can check yourself which include: tires, lights, wiper blades, fluids,exhaust leaks, and rust. According to Automotive Service Excellence, if your car went through a harsh season then it would be wise to give it an extra-long inspection to be sure that nothing was damage or is getting ready to break. Don’t take your chances on the road which could result in a breakdown.
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